Junior TOAD Cup

The TOAD Cup derives its name from the first letter of each of the participating schools: TAS, O’Connor, Armidale High and Duval.

The Junior TOAD Cup is now in its 3rd year and involves players from years 7-9 (and girls up to year 10).

We are very grateful for the support of Hutchinson & Harlow Real Estate who came on board as sponsor in 2016. Their support allows us to continue to provide opportunities to junior players that they may not otherwise receive.

Hutchinson & Harlow copy

O'Connor & Duval before the final of the Junior TOAD Cup on 11th March 2016 copy

O’Connor and Duval before the Final, 2016


Duval TOAD Cup team Feb 2015 -IMG_6575

Duval TOAD Cup team 2015


TAS TOAD Cup team 2016

TAS TOAD Cup team 2016, with coach Nick Farrar